The Open Door: Back to School.

Wow, did summer go by fast or what? Now that school is starting up and all the kids have a fresh start, it is important to discuss the commitment needed to do the work necessary to get the most out of the school year. This means setting schedules that allow for time to get the work done and help from adults were needed. When parents put the effort in to orchestrate this dynamic, it models your commitment for the child involved and generally motivates them.

I hope you are getting the theme of this blog post, commitment! You see, that children often look at the way parents handle commitment early on and copy the behavior if it is presented as important. This issue becomes twisted in situations were parents are on a different page, or are divorced and one parent does not follow thru on commitments. My hope is that a parent reading this, who frequently drops the ball following thru on commitments might be reflective and make an effort to model better follow thru for the kids benefit.

If we think about how important it is to deal with those people who follow thru on their commitments because we are counting on them, it seems so obvious that this would be a good quality for our children to emulate. The next part of this is the self esteem that develops when young people feel a sense of identity that is based on integrity. If your child is telling you they are really making the best effort they are capable of; you want this statement to be truthful or that they will try harder and actually do so.

Sleep patterns and self care play into our ability to function at our best and carry out our daily tasks. These are very important to help children focus on so they can function their best. This is a commitment to yourself that kids often miss because they are involved in social media at late hours or eating on the run junk food, because they are late or over slept. My hope is that this will all come together for a wonderful school year and a commitment to young people doing well.

As always none of us is as smart as all of us and I welcome people to join the discussion.

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  1. Paula says:

    Unfortunately, you are correct. I asked a fnierd at a large pharma company about this a while back. She referred me to a childhood cancer expert in Boston. I actually met this doctor/researcher who specializes in childhood leukemia. The problem: Too few cases to generate enough “buzz,” even with kids involved- Pat

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