The Open Door: Childish Politicians

I can’t take it anymore! I have to discuss the negative messages our politicians are giving our children. In grade school terms, “It’s my football and if you don’t play my way I am going home.” Now they become mean and vindictive as they say “because you did not play my way I am going to pop the other ball so you can’t play.”

Regardless of party affiliation it is the very non problem solving, bullying to get your way nonsense that we try to teach our children not to do! I often joke with kids in my office during sessions about how hard it can be to raise good parents these days. Our political and financial climate in this country is, without question, pathetic! How do we raise decent politicians or are these mutually exclusive terms that cannot be combined?
Redundant line huh? So is the ongoing blame about who did what and what is not being addressed etc. Yet when Political folks ask to see things done they block the very efforts to help a given situation unless it benefits the special interest that they are aligned with. Enter image of tall kid holding a cookie above the short kid’s reach, while eating it and saying “why aren’t you enjoying your cookie?”

While this may be an open door opportunity to discuss values and political feelings with your children, the very actions that are going on in Washington, D.C. are going to cripple our children’s future. Not only the children with less. The ones with more are harmed as well. Remember if you eat all the cookies you get sick.

We often see kids challenged in the development of coping skills when they are either over indulged or limited in resources. Our politicians have no coping skills so they attack each other, even in their own party, as well as the other.
It is time for us as parents to teach our children the importance of rules and regulations. Problem solving and team work. The country is on fire and it’s time to form a bucket brigade and put it out. If the politicians keep emptying the buckets passed in line by the opposing party, the country burns and we pass on only hardship to our children. We grew up being taught of a great country where opportunity existed for all to work hard and have a great life. People built businesses to employ the community for generations (many people did well), not the money games that have marked our nation with greed and narcissism.

If we want better for our children we need to discuss these contemporary issues with them, at their level of understanding. We need to model action and problem solving by example; get involved, do not stand by and watch our politicians and their wealthy special interest groups burn our country to the ground, while we sit idle as they empty our water buckets.
As always I welcome input to this discussion, as none of us is as smart as all of us.

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  1. Don Jalbert says:

    The word Statesman has perished from our vocabulary.

    Today our national leaders live within a life style that is beyond 99% of Americans. The “heroin” that is national politics alters the perspective of even well meaning individuals when they first enter the national stage. If the media doesn’t destroy them, their opponents will make that attempt to do so.

    So who that the media covers is worthy for myself to point to and say – “That is someone you should look up to.” Not politics – Not our leaders. Media covers Hollywood personalities – between the sex, drugs and stupidity. How about sports? The university level (example: Penn State) is tainted. Professional sports has long been embroiled with cheaters (drug/gambling). For every single Derek Jeter type leader there are multiple A-Rod type cheaters.

    Does the parent who raises their children to be fine, moral upstanding individuals get the press? Never.

    But then the question comes down to is it the media’s fault, or those that consume the output of the media?

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