The Open Door: Delayed Gratification.

Wow, it has been a few months since I posted once again. As the title indicates, I hope it is worth the wait. So my teenager got her first car. Holy crap! That was so much work. However, a very valuable lesson was learned. The researching of cars, the looking at cars and the filtering of some very sleazy games people play in the selling of used cars.

That was just a small part of it. Then, how others did or did not care for the car was an eye opener for my daughter. I am a person who keeps our family cars clean and maintained. We saw vehicles that looked as if someone stood with the door open and urinated randomly on the seats. Now hold your breath, as if you are already not grossed out. Some smelled like it! Advertisements that proclaimed like new or slightly used, were never the case. I saw bald mismatched tires. Mechanical and body issues that were not safe, in fact they were dangerous. Funny were the cars that listed options not in the vehicle upon inspection. “Wow” it doesn’t have heated seats adding the surprised look on his face. With the question does loaded mean with that and a sun roof? You guessed it, no sunroof either, as listed.

The point being that my young adult got to feel the frustration firsthand when time and energy was spent on a farce. Now this is the very exercise that begins to let us evaluate how our young ones are doing with the maturation process. How the discussion goes along with the willingness to wait for the right find. In this case even the process of handling one wrong find and handling the correction processes. For me the best part was getting to see that my wife and I had successfully raised a mature young adult who is responsible and ready for the privilege of driving. A prospect that is scary to most parents.
Ultimately we as parents need to teach and help exercise the delayed gratification learning process for our children to help them become successful adults. We see many issues in today’s society with adults who never master the process. As always I invite your input because none of us is as smart as all of us.

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